Psych Withdrawals

I just finished the last episode of Season 5.
I know there's a season 6, but it's not on Netflix.
So, I have no way to obtain that last season.
I'm already withdrawing from not being able to listen to Gus sympathetically cry.
Or watching Shawn play fake psychic.
Or seeing the secret love Juliet harbors for Shawn.

Or watch Lassie hate Shawn in person, but deep down love Shawn's guts.
Or trying to find the pineapple in every episode.
I'm so withdrawn.
Is anybody else obsessed with Psych?
Because if you are, then we can be great friends.


  1. Duh. Shawn Spencer is my boyfriend. Also, I've only seen to the end of... I don't remember where I'm at. But don't give anything away. :)

    1. No way, Shawn Spencer is MY boyfriend! We are just in a long distance relationship. ;)

  2. We could definitely be best friends. ALSO, have you watched Drop dead diva on netflix? LOVE IT.

  3. Love Psych!! :) It's the best show Race has introduced me to!

  4. So fun! Be careful watching season 6 the ending is sooo killer! I almost wish I'd waited till next season was out to watch the last episode because it's such a cliff hanger!

  5. Hulu, babe. Hulu is all i have to say. Go. Season 6. Partake.

    1. ...ok so you can only see episodes 12 and onward on there. i guess it depends if you want to see 1 thru 11....which you probs do.