I Like To Go Barefoot In The Park Too!

I just watched this on Netflix the other day.
Have you ever heard of this show?
It's stinkin' hilarious. But mostly kind of weird.
Hysterical, yet anticlimactic.
There was a lot of this:
However, I did like it.
Robert Redford is beautiful...
 and Jane Fonda is extraordinary slash also gorgeous.
Plus, this show was made in 1964!!
Holy crap!
That was back in the day when married couples slept on different beds.
Also, did you know that Robert Redford was the one that started the Sundance Film Festival?!
This guy is a legend!
I'd go barefoot in the park with him any day.


  1. I have never seen that but now I must! and i had no idea he started Sundance, how cool! :)

  2. question - is one of your missionaries serving in NH?? (thats my home mission!)

    1. Well...he's not my missionary. haha :) he's just one of the boys from my grade who I'm sending a package too. :) :) Yeah!! He is though!! No way!!!