Oops. I'm Guilty.

At church the other day I looked over at a lady who was wearing flip-flops.
Growing up, my mom hated flip-flops. (Actually, I think she still does.)
She wouldn't let me wear them to school, let alone to church.
So when I saw this lady wearing flip-flops, I immediately thought to myself:
"Is she really wearing flip-flops? That's a little disrespectful. I would never wear flip-flops to church."
However, when she stood up after Relief Society ended, I saw that her ankle was wrapped up and she was limping.
I immediately reprimanded myself.
She was wearing flip-flops because that's the only shoe she could wear.
I felt so guilty.
Who am I to judge her?
Who am I to judge anyone?
Because really, my perspective is muddled & I'm usually looking through a dirty window.


  1. If this took place at our ward I know who you were talking about. :) Hahah. She injured herself at Lagoon. :)

  2. I love this! It's so hard not to judge when you've been taught differently, but I ALWAYS think of that Mormon Message now. Love it :)

  3. This is so true - Thanks for sharing!

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  4. very true. it's hard when your first thought is assessing the situation based on what little knowledge you have. and it stinks even more when your afterthought is "dang it! this is SOMEONE ELSE'S SITUATION! not mine." and then it stinks even more when you find out your perception of the situation is totally off. i always want to face palm myself. great reminder post & great video. :)