My Life Is Awesome

I finally moved into my new apartment today! 
My roommates are great.
My apartment is great.
I'm great.
Everything is great!
But really, I was SO nervous.
On Friday, none of my roommates were home and I was a little down.
I didn't really think anybody even cared that I was back in Logan.
However, Heavenly Father has an awesome way of spinning life out of control.
I decided to stop wallowing in self-pity and I got dressed and went up to campus to buy a textbook I needed.
I ran into my friend, Ashley.
Then she told me to text another friend, Sam, so we could go hang out.
Sam had proceeded to already text me while I was conversing with Ashley.
We hung out all night and I had SOO much fun!
Then another friend proceeded to call me.
Then today, I ran into a thousand people at Wal-mart that I knew.
I guess the gist of this whole post is to say, I guess people really do care.
I just keep forgetting how awesome my life is.

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  1. I am so glad that you are loving the farm!! Its a fun place! You are just too cute!