Brooklyn & Boys: A Guest Post

You are in for a treat.
A TREAT I tell you!
This is my best friend, Brooklyn & she is probably my favorite person on the planet!
Please go check out her blog & say hello!

Hey Imma Fashion Crime readers! I'm Brooklyn!
Something I blog about over at This Little Blonde quite a bit is learning to be okay with who you are. So I wanted to share this experience with you. Because you're basically stinkin awesome. 
Texting conversation.
Him: Oh so what were you up to?
Me: Just outside shooting hoops with my brothers!
Him: Do you like basketball then?
Me thinking: I totally just gave him a false impression of who I am. YES I was shooting hoops but NO I do not like basketball. IN fact I suck at basketball. I'm a great benchwarmer...
I realized something though. Even though I'm not good at basketball or basically any sport. I'm good at other things. And one of those things is being a girl.
I'm really good at being a girl. Like REALLY good.
Here's why:
Let's consider the "typical girl" checklist.
Cries a lot. Check.
Reads romance novels. Check.
Loves to shop. Check.
Great with kids. Check.
Loves to dress up. Check.
Stresses about appearance. Check.
Dreams about fairytales. Check.
Loves men in suits. Check.
Loves strong jaw lines. Check.
Likes to bake. Check.
And the list goes on and on.
I don't have to be good at sports. I don't have to know everything about cars. And I don't need to know how to grill a perfect steak. Because that's why I need a man.
And I'll find myself a manly man. I'll be his "soft and sweet" and he'll be my "strong and steady." And that's all I need.
P.S. If you happen to find him. Send him my way, I need the oil changed in my car...

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  1. X) Brooklyn is adorable! I love that girl, and I love this post!! :)