Where I Come From

I come from my parents. They just loved each other SO much that their love spilled over and made a baby.
I come from hours & hours of reading parenting books, taking parenting classes, & just sheer good will.
I come from family.
I come from my teasing aunts. I come from my rambunctious cousins. I come from my lovely grandparents.
People that have shaped how I am today.
I come from the small-town breeze.
I come from vacations, laughter, and road trips.
I come from cell phones, Facebook, and high school.
I come from friends: Carlee, Lindsay, Sadie, Shelby, & Elise.
I come from the Sugar 4th Ward.
I come from flouncing around in my emerald prom dress.
I come from high-school crushes and embarrassing moments.
I come from junior high, when all I did was wear sweatshirts & ponytails.
I come from watching too much T.V. & sobbing during Pearl Harbor.
I come from refusing to wear high heels.
I come from being insecure.
I come from hope, daydreams, & pumpkin pie.
I come from sleepovers, chick flicks, and too many infatuations.
I come from crying so hard my head starts spinning.
I come from laughing so hard that I cry so hard.
I come from over-thinking & reading thoughtful, intelligent articles.
I come from a lot of things, because really, they have all made me who I am today.
Harley & Jane


  1. I have always wanted to see Pearl Harbor. We should watch this and sob together.
    P.S. I love this post.

  2. emerald prom dress reminds me of matched... have you read that book?
    Also pumpkin pie... it is getting to be that time again!

    Thank you for linking up! We love having you!

  3. YOu are so cute! Ha ha I totally come fro high SChool crushes and embarrassing moments...like way too many! It is actually kind of sad;)

  4. Oh my gosh. Pearl Harbor. We watched that in school, and the boys poked fun at me for weeks because I cried so much.

    Thanks for linking up!


  5. I LOVED this!! I might do it too ;) You are so cute and I can't wait for Thursday/Friday!!