I'm Too Dramatic, {Since It's} Sunday

If you have ever gotten the esteemed pleasure of knowing me in person, you will quickly find that I am a dramatic person.
I tend to blow things out of proportion, think too much about social situations, and look down upon myself.
I am often too quick to see the negative and I take life too seriously.
I have had a lot of spiritual experiences today.
Experiences that are wonderful & magnificent, but I got dramatic.
I started thinking too far into the future: What's going to happen?
Should I change schools?
Should I get a better paying job?
Should I serve a mission?
What I need to realize is that although those are very valid and important questions, what I should be focusing on right now is the present.
I need to pray more NOW.
I need to read my scriptures more NOW.
I need to meet new people. Experience life. Become who I'm supposed to be NOW.
I need to be single. Stay up late. Flirt with boys. Have fun.
I'm often so dramatic and future-driven that I forget to experience what I have NOW.
It's not always going to be that way, but living in the present is a lot less stressful than living in the future.
In the future, I'll actually have responsibility (read as: kids) and I'll look back on my college days and think 'why didn't I just have fun?!'
Yup. Present goal: No more drama & a lot more fun.
{ Since It's } Sunday


  1. Haha I'm totally like you! Love this post and I need to do the same thing!

  2. Goodness, Elisabeth! I swear we could be twins! [Actually, I don't swear.] I DO BELIEVE we could be twins!! I pretty much had the same sort of experience today. The job and mission question, the I need to pray and study my scriptures more, and the I NEED TO JUST ENJOY BEING SINGLE AND LIVING NOW. And I am also very good at blowing things out of proportion. Just ask my two best friends. . . . And I also adore you and love when you write so honestly. I should work on not polishing up my posts before I publish them.

    Thanks for linking up, hun. Love you!!

  3. Elisabeth Gee, we are the same person. It's scary.

  4. I am "Future-Driven" too. Im a crazy list maker. For example. My fall school schedule has completely changed 5 times this summer. AND I had stayed up til midnight to register the first night I could. I worry about where things are going to go with me and boys... and if I'm gonna be the only one not married and what not. But i love that. I can (and should) be better NOW. Enjoying the NOW. Now :) Love your guts.

    1. What we really should be enjoying is our #missionaryobsession. Am I right or am I right? ha

      Love your guts more! :)

  5. I do the same thing!
    I feel that it's very important to realize that these few years in my life are really the only time where I truly get to do whatever I want. I forget that. I think about the future way too much.