Can I Share Something With You?

Guys. I'm a genius.
I just wrote an amazing essay for my English class and I just want to share it with you.
            I believe in stories. Storytelling and stories are what make up the backbone of society and not just stories from books, but stories from people.  There are countless stories about the world, politics, and wars, how two people meet and fall in love, stories of best friends and stories of history. I believe in storytelling because storytelling offers me, as a reader, a new and refreshing perspective on life as well as an escape from the bullets of reality.
            Take Jane Austen for example. Her novel Persuasion is my favorite story. Austen tells of the endless hope that captures Anne Elliott’s heart. Austen is relatable and her story offers an escape from the real world. Her story helps failing girls to justify their need to believe in hope. The story she tells cuts into real life and bleeds the relief of a fantasy world. Persuasion gives me the ability to see myself in a different light. Should I be like Anne Elliott? Pining over a lost lover? Or does it give me liberty to say that I don’t want to be like her? Maybe I want to finally move on. That kind of story gives me the permission to interpret it as I wish. That refreshing perspective is what keeps me hooked on stories.
            Storytelling not only offers an escape from reality, but it also helps others change. While reading Animal Farm by George Orwell, I saw that change. Orwell was offering another perspective by using animals as a metaphor for the political realm. While Animal Farm wasn’t my favorite story, the ingenuity of his writing is why I kept reading it. The story itself is interesting, yet wildly inappropriate. That kind of story is able to create a positive environment for people to relay their beliefs and find that change they may be looking for.
            Not only do I believe in stories in literature, but I also believe in real life stories. The kinds of stories told by girls and boys alike that present secretive or informative information about their lives. My favorite kinds of stories are about the dubious, untold, individual love stories. When talking to my girlfriends, I often ask the question: So, who are you crushing on at the moment? Then the spitting of love begins. They tell me about how cute this particular person is or how nice he was. I usually get the specific stuff too. The “he held the door open for me” and the “he held my hand while we were cuddling” kind of stuff. Those stories intrigue me and give me my own kind of palpable pleasure. These stories offer the escape as well as the refreshing perspective that I whole-heartedly believe in.
            Storytelling and stories are wonderful. From George Orwell to the girls next door, I believe all stories should be told. The perspective they give as well as the escape they offer gives human beings the liberty to change and to procrastinate the bullets of reality.


  1. You're a great writer! Also, I love this. Stories need to be told. They bring people together! Hence blogging right? :)