I Walked Alone To Church Today

Today was the Brigham City temple dedication and it was marvelous!!
All of my roommates were gone this weekend doing various activities, so alas, I set out to go the dedication alone.
 I was a little sad because as a girl, I always have a wingwoman with me, but today was the exception.
As I began my perilous trek across Old Farm, I ran into some friends.
Then I sat by those friends at the dedication.
Then as I was leaving, I ran into another friend.
Guys. This is why I make friends!!
Because when I'm planning to sit all alone at the temple dedication, that fact never becomes reality.

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  1. One of the best things I ever did for myself was learn to be confident going places alone. I discovered you meet TONS more people when you go to parties alone, especially boys. You're much more approachable when you're not flanked by another girl or two. Just sayin. I almost didn't walk through the door the first time I went to a party alone, but now it's no big deal for me. Highly recommended.