It's My Grandma's Birthday!

9/11 is my grandma's birthday and as my Instagram feed was scoured with red, white, and blue, and the infamous phrase "always remember...", the only thing I could think about was my grandma.
Yes, 9/11 was an excruciatingly terrible moment in America's history that should always be remembered, but ya know, I was only in third grade and I don't remember much about it. I've learned more about it growing up than I did when I watched it on television those many years ago.
So, let me tell you a little bit about my grandma and why I thought about her instead of that one tragically defining moment in America's history.
My grandma (my mom's mom) is one of my heroes.
Yeah, she's not perfect and she makes mistakes.
However, there are more positive than negative aspects about her and there is one quality that she possesses that I have never been able to accomplish.
She can talk to anyone and make them feel like the most special human being on the planet.
Now, I'm a lot like my grandma. I'm very social and outgoing and I love being around people, but my grandma has that extra "oomph". She asks questions and deeply wants to know more about you. She doesn't do it for looks or for show. She does it because she is interested in what you are.
So, how does this connect with 9/11?
I believe that the firefighters & policemen who died in 9/11 were just like my grandma.
(Photo courtesy of Leah Stallings Photography)
They were kind and compassionate and could always make you feel like the most special person in the world.
Yes, 9/11 was tragic and should always be remembered because of the many lives that were lost and the many people whose lives were turned upside down because of it, but mostly, I remember that it's my grandma's birthday.


  1. I feel the same way. It is my dad's birthday and the only think about when 9/11 comes around is my dad. I feel weird making a post on FB about my dad's birthday. I feel like people will think it is disrespectful or something.I mean... I respect and will always be grateful for the 9/11 heroes but to me, my dad means the world. So, I share your feelings on this one.



  2. Thanks so much for this sweet reminder that 9/11 stands for other things too. Your grandma sounds like a wonderful lady! I ran into a woman this year who said, "Today's my birthday". She seemed sad that it falls on such a momentous day. I expressed to her that I think those who lost their lives would want us to still smile, move on & live our lives with joy!

    Warmly, Michelle