Old Men & How They Taught Me About Modesty

I must have some kind of aura around me that says:
"Please! Every weird person in the world, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come talk to me!"
Because ya know what?
I talk to odd people on a daily basis.
It's taught me a lot about my social skills, let me tell ya.
I bring this up because of an experience I had today.
I work at an art museum and it usually closes at 5:00 p.m.
But today was an exception. There was a special presentation and I had to work later. 
After we closed at 5:00, I went home to eat food then I had to be back up on campus at 7:00 to re-open the museum.
My manager told me to meet her at a specific building for the presentation and then we would walk back to the museum together.
Well, sometimes people make mistakes and my manager told me the wrong building, so I was walking all over campus trying to figure out where this presentation was being held.
As I walking, these two random old, balding men stopped me and asked if I knew where this presentation was being held.
I told them that I was looking for it myself.
We conversed a little more and then began the trek to the science building where we collaborated that, that would be the most sensible building to house this presentation.
As we began walking towards the science building, one of the old men said "Back in the 60's, I hated chemistry." He then points to the other old guy and says "Bob here is a chemistry whiz! I took the class with him so I would pass. Did you know that Bob is from Boston?"
Me: "Oh really? That's way cool! One of my friends is going to M.I.T."
Bob: "Wow. That's impressive."
Me: "Yeah, he's a very intelligent young man."
As this conversation took place a herd of girls in matching t-shirts and short shorts walked across the sidewalk and onto some grass. The other guy (not Bob) then exclaimed with ferocity:
"Gee! With the style now a days, I have to look up at the sky!"
Bob started laughing hysterically.
And so did I.
Because really, he's SOO right!
All these girls were basically wearing their underwear.
Long story short, I did find the building where the presentation was held, however, I was very impressed by these old men.
They had character and integrity.
I'm sure they weren't Mormon and they were---what seemed like--a hundred years older than me, but they taught me a powerful lesson.
Modesty really does make a difference.
People notice how you carry yourself and what kinds of messages you are sending by how you're dressed.
These guys might have been old and odd, but they taught me something.
And that's all that matters. Right?


  1. We were separated at birth! I always get into weird conversations with odd people. There is this guy who has to be at least 45 years-old that stops me all the time on campus and says weird things like, "I think redheads should rule the world," or "more power to the redheads!" or "do you feel that you have any superpowers initiated by your bionic hair?"


    And he's only one of many who feel the necessity to randomly strike up conversations with me about random things.