Mackin' Out in the Museum

I work in an art museum and I LOVE it!
It's such a great job. I love looking at art and interpreting it. Whether it be an interpretation like: "my four year old sister can draw that" to "Wow. This piece has such good lighting and is sending me a rad vibe", I just love it!
(My roommate, Naomi, and I touring the museum)
However, there are a couple downsides to working at the museum.
First and foremost, making out.
Now, I've never actually seen anybody making out in the museum, but it could definitely happen.
There are a ton of creepy corners where such saliva-switching grossness could take place.
Mostly, my co-workers have told me about the horror stories of nahstee couples hiding in the corners.
(To all public makers outers out there, you are disgusting.
Thanks for making the world your bedroom.)
But the other day, I was guarding in the museum and a couple came in. They were holding hands (like normal couples) and they seemed super nice.
I didn't think anything about it.
But as they began walking upstairs. The guy put his hand in his girlfriend's back pocket.
I wanted to say: "This is a public place, yo. Keep your hands to yourself."
But being the nice person that I am, I decided against it.
Oh, the things that happen at the museum.

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  1. I love people watching. I can imagine the mystery of not knowing where people are kissing would keep things verrry interesting! I'm not sure the hand in the back pocket would have fazed me....but then again, I don't live in Utah anymore :) So I'm used to seeing a lot worse.