Reality Check Number 1000

It seems like I've been getting some reality checks every day over the past three weeks, but this specific one takes the cake.
I was talking to my roommates today as we were primping for a roommate photoshoot.
My roommate Ashley & I were complaining about how our hair wasn't turning out and how our butts were too big.
As most of girls conversations go, the topics morphed together until we started talking about our families. My roommate Sandra started talking about her family specifically.
Ashley & I listened as Sandra unfolded a story that broke my heart.
She talked about how her & her sister would buy Christmas for their family every year because her parents didn't have enough money. She told us that when she went home this last weekend, the cupboards at her home were bare and the fridge was scarce. She talked about how she was valedictorian at her school, but it was really nerdy to be smart so she often got made fun of. 
And here I was, complaining about how my hair was too straight and the boy I liked wasn't asking me on a date.
I'm incredibly blessed. I'm so thankful that my parents are responsible and realize their roles as a parents. I often feel guilty because my parents still have to support me, but my parents are so amazing and have told me on multiple occasions: "Elisabeth, we're your parents, that's our job."
Seriously. Can my parents get any better?!
There is always food in the cupboards and my mom starts planning Christmas in June.
My dad has a wonderful, stable job and so does my mom. My mom is even getting her Master's degree! 
I have the opportunity to go to college and continue my education. 
I have the ability and talent to talk to everyone and anyone.
I've been incredibly blessed in my life and I don't think I'll be complaining about having a big butt any longer.
*Names changed for sake of privacy*

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  1. I love those moments that keep things in perspective! I complain more than I should sometimes too. It's really important to me not to complain about my body or physical appearance, because I don't want to be in the habit of negative self talk when I'm a mother. Little girls pick up on that stuff quickly and start thinking the same things about their own bodies. So I try and remember to work on that now so I don't run into problems later!