Those Moments

Those moments when the most beautiful girl on earth tells me that I am beautiful.
Those moments when I tell a boy I like him and he likes me back.
Those moments when I'm walking across the HPER field at Utah State and I just want to start dancing and laughing because my life isn't at all where I expected it to be.
Those moments when heavy burdens are placed on people I truly love and care about. I realize that I'm extremely naive and I would never be able to help them without the assistance of divine intervention.
Those moments when I pick out the perfect outfit and feel like a rockstar.
Those moments when I actually get my homework done.
Those moments when a missionary calls me "My dearest Miss Elisabeth". It makes me feel so special.
All these single moments combine to create one big moment when I truly see myself the way Heavenly Father sees me.
It's a miraculous, awe-inspiring, wonderful feeling.


  1. Those moments where I just really really like Elisabeth Gee. :)

  2. I love this. <3 Life IS good isn't it??

  3. So true! I love this post! thank God for tender mercies and everything else!