Facts About the Fashion Crime

-I want iPhone SO BAD!
-I'm awful at flirting
-I really hate backseat drivers.
-I pick out my outfits for school the night before.
-I'm a Chick-Fil-A milkshake addict!
-I bite my nails.
-I think I'm SO good at English and I get way cocky about it.
-When I like a song, I play it over and over and over until I'm sick of it.
-I still sleep with my baby blanket.
-I love shopping!
-I've never had a "creeper".
-Most times, I do enjoy being tall. However, a lot of times, it's frustrating. 
-I'm on Facebook all the time.
-I go to D.I. on a weekly basis.


  1. I love this :) And I love you :) And ps. Next time you go to the d.i. I wanna come along :)

  2. ummmm...i love cookies and cream chik-fil-a milkshakes. they are probably one of my favorite things EVER.

  3. We were really separated at birth. It's becoming more and more sure. Except the face that I doubt that you were born on January 11, 1987. But that is a minor detail.

  4. i love this outfit and i love you for going to DI weekly. yes.