If I Could Have Just One Wish..

If I could have just one wish, it would be this:
A boy calls me up (because he wants to, not because anybody made him) and asks me on a date.
He picks me up and does everything he can to be a chivalrous ninja.
We have a fun, normal date.
Then he drops me off and we hug.
The end.
Alas, this has yet to happen to me.
But it's alright, I know will happen someday.
I'm just WAY too impatient. ;)


  1. That sucks that hasn't happend for you. I'm sure it will someday, you are a cute gal. Maybe you can do the asking? I basically had to tell my husband to ask me out because he didn't realize that I liked him haha

  2. Welcome to Utah. There is a lot to love about Utah and Cache Valley, the dating scene isn't one of them. Good Luck

    1. Yeah, try being 33, divorced, overweight, and working 3 jobs. One of my clients tried to set me up with her 24 year old nephew who: is going to USU part time but still doesn't have a degree, lives in his mom's basement, doesn't have a car (I can't say a lot about that myself after yesterday), and doesn't have a job (because "he just hasn't found any companies that really appreciate his talent yet"). She did however point out about 10 times that "he's a really great guy", which if he had been a girl would have been "she has a sweet spirit". If the LDS church had nuns I would have signed up yesterday.

  3. The above comment. hahahaha. Dating in Cache Valley... Also... "do the asking" ;) hahaha

  4. Me tooo!! Maybe we should move to Provo...

  5. It took 21 years for this to happen for me. I won't lie...it's a pain to be patient, but totally worth it! :)

  6. But Really though. That would be fantastic.