The Less I Worry, The More It Will Happen

I scanned my blog yesterday and I found I had lost a follower.
Losing a follower is one of the most depressing things.
I freak out and wonder what I did to turn someone away.
Am I not funny enough?
Do I not post about fashion enough?
Should/can I write better?
Questions block my mind.
However, as the questions squished my brain to slush, I realized this:
And this statement can be applied to every aspect of my life.
The less I worry about that cute boy taking me on a date, the more that boy will probably take me on a date.
The less I worry about how many followers I have, the more I will gain new and even greater followers.
The less I worry about what others think of me, the more highly they will think of me.
The less I worry about how annoying my roommates are, the less annoying my roommates will become.
It is so strange that, that is how life works, but alas it's the truth!
So, I'm going to keep on smiling because no matter how many followers I have, the less I worry about it, the more it will happen.


  1. Well if it makes you feel better you may have lost that loser who doesnt know a good blog when they see one, but you have gained a Chrissy who has been following for awhile anyway but made it blogger offical! :)

  2. I love your blog and I love this post! It's so true. Lately I've been trying hard to focus on what I can control and not worry about what I can't. It sure makes a difference when I keep up with it! (PS - you looked like a diva today, in a good way. Meant to tell ya that!) (:

  3. It's true, don't worry, be happy! Plus guess what else, sometimes people delete their google accounts or get hacked and have to change emails and it automatically removes them as followers from all blogs they were on. So, it's not like they intentionally went and unfollowed your blog. That's probably what happened. (At least, I tell myself that every time I lose a follower to make me feel better.) LOVE YOU!

  4. Um I'm definitely going to create like 500 fake profiles so I can like you 500 times over ;) And I'm definitely learning that with dating! Seems like once you decide that it's not worth it to worry so much about boys, they decide to be interested. haha. Hooray for dating.

  5. So very true! I don't know why we think that if we hold tighter and obsess more that we'll do better. We just end up focusing on the problem instead of the task. That gets us no where.

  6. Girl, I am so excited that I found your blog...I'm so excited to start reading. :) Totatlly agree. Less you worry, the more it will happen!

    New follower via Blogwork Wednesday!

  7. I hope that when I click on join this site you will be happy to have gained a new follower. x sara@ http://flirty30somethingramblings.blogspot.co.uk/

  8. Hi there! I'm a new follower via Blogwork Wednesday! And I sure do understand the depressing feeling of losing a follower....but it just makes me love my new followers even more!


  9. It's hard not to focus on the followers, but stay true to yourself!

  10. Isn't this an interesting concept? It shocks me when I realize I have lost a follower- do I really pay that much attention to the exact number? strange.

    Just found your adorable blog through the hop! I am happy to say I am your newest follower and I am excited to get to know you! I would love for you to stop by and following along if you'd like :)


  11. you are adorable! since you go to utah state we should all get together and do something sometime! love your blog:)

  12. haha, I love this post! Your blog is so cute, i'm a new follower via twitter since i don't have GFC. I hope you've had a great Wednesday!


  13. LOL - I can relate to this one... I was like, did I post a bad recipe? Anyway, I am following you - and will stay around :-) Over here from the hop - I hope you will stop by and follow me too if you like.