My Challenges

I have never had cancer.
I have never been in a car accident or experienced the horror of a hurricane.
I have never dealt with death and I have never dealt with fatal illness.
I have never felt the tragedy of a lost love.
I have never had depression.
I have never felt the sting of divorce experienced by my peers.
I have never been bullied or ridiculed.
I have never had major surgery and I have never gone through a messy break-up.
I have felt embarrassment.
I have felt loneliness and despair.
I have had hatred towards how tall I am.
I have had major self-esteem issues.
I have felt like I wasn't good enough for anyone.
I have been stretched thin and stressed out.
I have cried over boys who didn't deserve my tears.
I have changed who I was so people would like me.
I have felt inadequate.
I have felt unfairness.
I have picked at my weaknesses like open wounds and I have felt pain.

My challenges aren't visible to those around me, but I still have them.
And ya know what? 
That's okay.


  1. Looks like we have a lot of the same challenges! But it is those challenges and how we deal that make us who we are. You are such a wonderful person. THanks for sharing!

  2. I love this. EVERYONE is fighting hard battles. It's a little strange that we take comfort in knowing we are not alone in our pains. Love you girl.

  3. I think the sad thing is that we've all felt these things, but feel like they are so petty so we hide them or make others feel bad for feeling them because we don't want to see them. I appreciate that you don't hide them away because you'll never appreciate how nice it is to find other people who have the same struggles.

    I hear ya sister! You're not alone.

  4. From one five-foot 11-inched gal to another: YOUR HEIGHT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! And quite frankly, you are too!! :)