Walking Fashion Crime Review: Eshakti Edition!

(Dress: Eshakti, Tights: Wal-Mart, Shoes: Payless)
When Eshakti contacted me about reviewing one of their dresses, I was thrilled!
I LOVE dresses! I would wear a dress over pants any day! Especially if paired with purple tights!
Here are the PROS
I LOVE the color! It's totally trendy and sheek and is easily paired with a lot of vintage colors.
I love the structure and material. The fabric is soft and super comfortable!
I love the detail! The buttons. The waist. The little sewn in polka-dots. The sleeves. Everything!
A really great feature about Eshakti is that they let you choose how modest you want your dress to be. They ask you how long you want your dress to be, if you want sleeves on it and what neckline you want. Also, they go up to size 36W! Holla to the girls with curves!
Here are the CONS
-When I received my dress in the mail, it was wrinkly. That was little annoying, but nothing major.
Is that bad if that's the only con?
I'm seriously in love with this dress! Eshakti is a great site and they super nice to work with! 
You never know, you might get to wear purple tights ;)


  1. Oh my, that dress is the cutest! And it looks particularly beautiful on you. :)

  2. Love love love. And I agree with Elise.

  3. I love the retro vibe, both with the cut and the color of the dress. It is brilliant with those tights. I am definitely going to check this company out.

  4. i think anything in life that allows you to wear purple tights is a thing worth having.


  5. I know! eShakti is the best! I love how their clothes are custom, made by hand and SO well made.

    You should sign up for my giveaway on thebrightbit.com- and win an eShakti item of your choice!


  6. you are just the cutest girlie! i am obsessed with that dress. i think i need one. i just love yor blog.. and you!
    ps we need to play sometime-srsly meet half way or something :)