My Art Museum Girls

I really should be writing my 10-page paper instead of blogging, but procrastination has won yet again.
Curse you finals week.
What I want to post about today are these ladies:
(From left to right: Kaitlyn, Anna, Kaile, Audrey, Me, and Ashley)
(Please note how tall I am. Thanks.)
That's right. They're my co-workers and some of my best friends!
We talk about our boss and how crazy she is.
We talk about how Ashley is a thief (she used to steal stuff a lot when she was little).
We talk about how awkward we are when we have to greet people.
And how people get way annoyed when we tell them to stop taking pictures of the art.
Ya know, just the usual art museum banter.
Love you girls!

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  1. Nice article. Now get back to your paper!