The Perfect Day

It all started with a random boy in my history class offering me some cuties:
Then my friend told me I was beautiful.
Next, I went to my work training, ate glorious food, exchanged some hilarious white elephant gifts, and hung out with the best girls ever!
After work training, I walked to my Stats class and everything made sense
(Plus I got a 10 out of 10 on my quiz. Holla!!)
Walking to my final review session, I ran into a great friend and we had a fabulous conversation!
(I just LOVE people)
When that conversation ended, I looked on my phone and I had a missed call from a way cute boy.
That cute boy proceeded to ask me on a date.
(My wish was granted!)
Then I got free pizza and got paid to watch the Forgotten Carols!
It's truly been the perfect day.


  1. Well cuz you are beautiful DUH! :)So glad you had such a great day! :)