My Name Is Usher

"Everybody scream YEAH!!"
Okay, I'm not that kind of Usher...no, no. I work AS an usher at a performance hall.

I get paid to watch events like The Piano Guys:
and Alex Boye:
I am so incredibly blessed to work in a place that invites the spirit and where I can meet people (like Alex Boye) who break the limits of life and show me what I can achieve by just believing. I love my job!


  1. And see Brooklyn cause she is a freak and goes to almost every performance there haha. I hope you work Forgotten Carols night ;)

  2. Um yeahhhh it's the best job ever. ;) I wish I got to work Piano Guys! :(

  3. I like the part where you told us to all scream Yeah.

  4. new[est] follower. loving this post and your blog! can't wait to keep following along! you are stinkin' hilarious!

    stop by sometime!