Trick or TREATIN!

Costume #1:
(80's chick)
Costume #2:
(You can't really tell I'm wearing a tie, but I borrowed it from a boy in my ward and IT IS UGLY! Seriously. Ugliest thing I've ever seen!)
My roommates LOVE Halloween!!
I wish I could say I share the same enthusiasm, but alas I do not.
I just wish I could go trick or treating again!
I was seriously tempted to run around Logan and demand I be given candy.
Although, I don't know how happy the residents of Logan would be about a college-aged girl with her roommates demanding candy...


  1. HAHA Halloween... not a fave. I don't like scary things ;) But you look cute! And I love you!

  2. LoL...
    I'm a colleged aged chick that went around demanding candy with my roomate.... I also took the pair from down the hall. And of course you know that the rotten two year old wearing nothing more than a pair of dragon pajamas got more candy than was his just do because he grabbed handfuls and everyone just let him get away with it... the five year old was a storm trooper who lectured anyone who venutred she was an astronot on the finer points of being a storm trooper (although we should note she also thinks they're the good guys and I haven't had the heart to dissaude her.)

  3. We went trick or treating... Hahaha. It was marvelous. I already ate my candy....