Part 23: Walking Fashion Crime?? I THINK NOT!!!

(Shirt: Kohl's, Vest: my mother's closet, Skirt: D.I. Watch: Gift, Shoes: Gift)
Is this vest not AMAZING or what?! While I was home for Christmas break, my mom busted out part of her college wardrobe and I snagged this baby! It came with a matching maxi skirt, but I thought that might be a little much. Slash I'll use any excuse to wear my coral skirt.
Have you snagged anything from your mother's closet recently?


  1. THAT VEST! DROOL! i am always on the hunt for good vests but i never seem to find any. i am excited for you!

    1. They are far and few between! I'm lucky my mom had such great style ;) haha

  2. You look great! I never get to wear anything from my Mom's closet--my sister's closet on the other hand....

  3. I recently snagged a shirt from my grandmas closest!! I pair it with a belt to give it more shape:) I receive so many compliments on it and I always say "thanks i got it from my grandmother!!"