Start of Something New

-I'm going to get straight A's this semester. NO EXCEPTIONS!! I've never gotten straight A's in my life, but   I want to challenge myself.

-I'm going to read Jesus the Christ! I read the first line and it had the phrase "alleged discrepencies and something about circumstantial situations" Whew. It's gonna be a doozy, but I can't wait to learn more about the gospel!

-Get out of my comfort zone! I have this weird compulsory attribute about myself where I get attached to specific people because they're awesome and whenever I'm in large groups with said person all I do is talk to them and I don't try to get to know other people. That is going to change!

-I need to get over my self-consciousness about my height.

-Tell myself I'm beautiful every day.


  1. Jesus the Christ! Woo you go girl! It's definitely a doozy. haha. You are amazing. And I love when you blog. And you. And goals. And Abi wants me to tell you she is having a baby on my bed. Right now. She's a sicko.

  2. i love this! a) i feel the same way about Jesus the Christ but i've been meaning to keep trying that one, b) own your height! it'll make the basketball players you probably have your sights on notice you more :), c) YOU CAN DO IT WITH THE STRAIGHT A'S AND GETTING OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! ....consider this your virtual pep talk.

  3. I love your goals! I think my goal will be to just read a chapter or two from Jesus the Christ. It's such a hard book! But so insightful. You go, girl. :)