I am 5 feet 10 inches tall and I'm pretty self-conscious about it.
Oh sure, I'm good at faking that I'm this confident, bodacious babe, but really it's kind of hard being tall as a girl.
Although lately, I've had a change of heart.
Multiple people have come into my life that have changed my perspective.
I had a friend give me encouragement and told me that being tall isn't the end of the world.
I can name about four girls who are taller than I am and are people I admire and look up to because they could care less about how tall they are.

And then I had a friend that looked at me and said:
I think that's the best advice I've ever gotten.


  1. Totally true!! Love this! And I'm jealous... I'm 5'7'' and I feel like I'm neither tall or short... I'd love to be 5'10''!! :)

  2. 5'11" here. I cannot imagine being any other height. I love it.

  3. Work it sister! :) you are just so perfect just the way you are!

  4. Girl, you are 5 feet 10 inches of GORGEOUS!

    But yeah, I'm 5'7", and I get self-conscious a lot. And three inches make a difference when we're tall like that.

  5. loooove this. us tall girls need to stick together! lucky for me, my husband is so tall that i ALMOST look short in pictures. haha but seriously. i am learning to love being tall & my favorite thing to do is wear 5 inch heels and freak every one out. own it!

  6. I'm the opposite, but have learnt to love it, being small has its advantages but so does being tall. We are all unique, we should love the things that make us different as well as the things that make us similar, if we can't like the way we are, how do we expect anyone else too. ;)

  7. LOVE THIS. I spent most of my life feeling "lurpy" due to my gangly, bony limbs and angles. I hated wearing tall shoes because it made me feel ganglier (see: lurpzilla) and I avoided clothing that fit because I didn't want to be a "stick" or look like a little girl w/ my lack of curves. (I also didn't realize that baggy clothing was probably making me look more stick-like as I drowned in my loose shirts and jeans.) But ever-so-slowly, I grew into loving me and wearing tall shoes and learning to dress my body and owning it...and it has made such a difference in my self esteem! I love your newfound outlook and fully support you rocking it!

  8. I heart everything about this post. Men like their women with a long set of walkers on them ;) oh and also I freaking LOVED I mean like loved the part when you said "bodacious babe"