Part 25: Walking Fashion Crime?? I THINK NOT!!

(Cardigan: Rue 21, Shirt: Kohl's, Pants: Old Navy, Socks: Big 5, Shoes: JCPenney, Necklace: Downeast)
I'm one of those picky people who plan their outfit days in advance.
However, this particular outfit was planned in less than five minutes and seriously...I LOVE IT!
Definitely one of my favorite outfits to date!
Also, those pants...15 dollars at Old Navy. Huzzah!!!


  1. Love this outfit! You are so beautiful. And I also decided that I want your closet. Like seriously.

  2. yay for fifteen dollar pants. and days in advance?? wow - i'm a morning of person now...unless its a big day :)

  3. I would have so much more money if Old Navy wasn't just down the street. I'm pretty much in love with their Rockstar Jeans...and pretty much everything they sell. Wherever that place is your pictures are taken....it looks super interesting!

  4. ok THIS....yes. Also I totally sometimes fall in love with my "5 minute rush" outfits. And then I'm disappointed that I invented it on a boring day and therefore wear it again to a more important occasion, haha