"I guess I'll just sit home all by myself because I have no one to hang out with."

"Oh yeah. That thing called self-esteem. Where did it go? Cause I want some."

"Why did I have to have such a bad day. Nothing goes my way."

"Nobody loves me."

"Everybody hates me."

These are just a few of the examples of what people have been posting on social media lately. (Okay, the last two might be an exaggeration.)

I've found it to be very disconcerting and frankly, annoying.
Just in case you forgot, EVERYBODY has self-esteem issues.
It doesn't matter if you're thin, fat, short, tall, beautiful, or ugly.
Everybody has insecurities and everybody has weaknesses.
What really establishes whether you have good self-esteem or not is YOU!
You CAN NOT rely on anybody else (aka: social media) to build a rock solid foundation of self-esteem for you.
Self-esteem is an inner quality. It is built out of the things that are placed in your core.
Self-esteem isn't a magical trait that is somehow placed on only certain individuals.
That means when you look at someone and think "Wow! I wish I was as confident as them!", they too had to start somewhere.
Self-esteem is like building a house.
It takes time and it takes consistent effort.
But you know what? YOU CAN DO IT!!
People all across the world do it!
I've done it!
I haven't always been the cheery, happy, bubbly girl I am now.
Self-esteem is something I struggle with on a daily basis and I work my butt off to help myself realize that I am worth it.
And you know what? YOU ARE WORTH IT TOO!!


  1. Love this so much! You are so incredible and I have always looked up to you! Ps. You are absolutely beautiful! That picture is stunning!

  2. Amen!! Love this!

  3. I love this post! :) I completely and totally agree with you!

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