Mint Bows & Life Lessons

This weekend was a HUGE disappointment.
One of my best friends, Carlee, is getting married today (actually she's already married) and some of my other friends from Idaho were going to come down to Salt Lake and we were all going to go see her get married.
I was SOO excited!
Then, Sadie (my Idaho friend) called me and told me that they weren't going to come because there was a huge storm warning. 
I was so completely bummed.
So bummed in fact, that there might have been tears shed.
It just seems like life can't slow down enough. Carlee and I are still 14 year olds, right? Still daydreaming about the men we're going to marry and laughing at our inside jokes? Right?
But alas, life continues to race right along. 
As I was laying on my bed, letting silent tears hit my pillow, I was going through my twitter feed and this quote popped up and hit me right in the gut:
"How we deal with trials is what defines us"
Whoa. Talk about a reality check.
I sat up, stopped tearing up, and realized that it's okay that I felt disappointed, but it wasn't okay that I moped about it.
And to be honest, this "trial" wasn't even a trial!
I can't imagine going through severe trials like the death of a loved one or terminal illness or heart-break.
I'm so thankful for the little things that help keep me grounded and help me realize that there is a lot more to life than missing out on a fun time.


  1. What a timely quote! We all need a reminder like that sometimes. It's easy to get down when we're disappointed about something we were really looking forward, too, though. I so know the feeling! But it's a good thing that you were so quickly reminded of the right way to handle disappointment!

  2. I'm a new follower!! Cute blog!!

    Love the message in this post!!

    Feel free to pop by and say hello :)

  3. Man, I need to take a lesson from you today. I've been suuuper whiny the last few days, and for dumb reasons, too... I need to get over it. Love ya girl, thanks for being so wonderful! :)

  4. Great quote girl!! I am your newest follower, I'm sorry your friends couldn't come to the wedding!! I would be sad as well! :(