Confesh Sesh

I feel like there are a couple things I need to get off my chest.
One being that I am...SO WEIRD.
(My friends deemed this my seductress picture)

Confesh #1:
Whenever I'm alone, I dance.
I dance in my room.
I dance in the kitchen.
I dance while I curl my hair...basically everywhere!
It's not pretty and I mostly look like a slimy floppy sea creature, but it's fun!

Confesh #2:
I have a deep appreciation for blind dates.
Seriously. I LOVE them.
There's something about anticipating future love that thrills me.

Confesh #3:
I really, really, really like Macklemore.
I'd go thrift shopping with him anytime.

Confesh #4:
I have a Chick-Fil-A OBSESSION.
Brooklyn & I were talking about it and we've probably spent over $50 on Chick-Fil-A this semester.
I think we have a problem.

Confesh #5:
I chew gum.
All the time.


  1. i met my husband on a blind date! ;)

  2. I like you. I'm weird too. ANd I dance too. Seriously. I am SO freaking weird. I am going to set you up. I'm going to find someone. I'm determined. Macklemore is the bomb. And I'm more obsessed with Chick-Fil-A. I can probably promise you that. Well, we'll decide sometime or something. I LOVE your face.

  3. HAHA we're all weird :b I dance when I'm alone too. LOL

  4. #1 & #3 - Heck yeah! #2 - Heck no! The rest, meh.

  5. I dance too! Usually while singing with a hairbrush in my hands :)

    The Hartungs Blog

  6. So pretty much I feel like we're the same person. You could have easily creeped on me and wrote the exact same thing! You're weird. I'm weird. Let's be friends and be weird together? And, I live in Logan, too, it's perfect!