I have a knack for picking out really great friends.

Growing up, it was these girls:
These girls have forever changed my life. From stuffing our faces full of oreos to watching eight chick flicks in a row, we have had some really good times and I love them for it! I still am such good friends with all of them. I couldn't ask for more supportive, loving people in my life.

In college, I found these girls:
For some reason, I thought I would never have best friends in college, but oh. was I SOOO wrong. These girls have been the most amazing girls I have ever met. I know I will be friends with them for my whole life.

But what really takes the cake in friendship is this:
I'm so happy to have a community of amazing ladies who always support me in my "secret life" because really, they have secret lives too. 

Okay. Soooo maybe I don't have knack for picking out friends, I think friends have a way of picking out me. And that's what friendship is all about.


  1. I honestly feel like bloggers understand each other differently. Haha. It's like you said, your secret life. It's funny how different people are when they pour their feelings out on their blog rather than living their day to day life. I completely agree. You ladies look like you had a blast!

  2. I feel like I must absolutely be at the next Logan meetup. I will find a way.