Self-Esteem According to Elisabeth

As I was waiting for my class to start today, I was standing by a window on the third floor of the Engineering building.
From my view, I observed people entering and exiting the building.
I noticed so many different people and as I observed, I would pick out specific people to watch.
I wondered why I noticed those specific people and not the others.
I realized it was because they looked confident.
They looked like they had a purpose.
When I realized this, I began formulating 8 specific reasons how to have good self esteem. 
Granted, I'm not perfect, but these are some of the things I do to help build myself up.

1. LISTEN TO POSITIVE MUSIC--This is a huge part of being able to feel good about yourself. Positive music makes me want to do a little jig as I walk to my public speaking class. It helps me feel good inside and it makes me want to spread that good to those around me. Listening to uplifting, happy, admirable music makes ALL the difference because you're simply blanketing yourself with positive thoughts, which in turn produce positive actions. 
Some of my personal favorites are 22 by Taylor Swift, Kiss You by One Direction, and On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons.
2. PICK ONE THING ABOUT YOURSELF THAT YOU LIKE AND HIGHLIGHT IT---My ultimate tool in helping me have good self-esteem is focusing on one thing about myself that I like. Pick a physical aspect about yourself (hair, eyes, lips, etc...) and do everything you can to highlight and enhance that one aspect. Improving yourself and having good self-esteem takes time and by focusing on one thing at a time, this will ensure a good, solid foundation of self-esteem. Slash it creates way less stress. Personally, I try and highlight my height. It's always the first thing people notice about me, so trying to make myself look nice is a huge part in helping me have good self-esteem. Another example is my roommate, Naomi. She has bright red hair, so she highlights her hair so when people notice it, she can feel assured that she looks like a megababe.
3. LOOK UP--you never know who you'll see or what you'll observe when you simply lift eyes up from your shoes and take a look around. Someone or something can brighten your day and all you had to do was look up!

4. OWN IT--a couple weeks ago, I was talking to a boy about my height (because sometimes I'm self conscious about it) and he told me "Just own it!" So whenever you're self conscious about something, just think "I got this! I just gotta own it!" People will never notice that you're self conscious about something if you appear confident about it.

5. COMPLIMENT OTHERS--Tell people they're beautiful as often as possible. I know that whenever people compliment me, that just makes me feel so much better! Why not return the favor?! Besides, it feels good to tell people how amazing they are. 

6. SELF EVALUATE AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE--whenever I feel like I'm not up to par, I look inside myself to see what I need to change. Once I feel like I've become a better me, it always gives me the best confidence in the world!

7. SAY THANK YOU--Always say thank you! To everything and everyone. When someone compliments you, SAY THANK YOU! Not "Oh, my hair didn't turn out, but thanks" Just say thank you! 

8. TRUST--everybody gets nervous around new people because we don't trust other people with ourselves. We don't trust them to be nice to us or to be kind slash gentle with our feelings. However, if you go into a situation thinking, I trust people to be nice. It'll make you feel so much better!


  1. THis is so cute. I LOVE IT. I can definitely tell that you are confident. And I think a ton of women struggle with it. So good for you for sharing your tips! I saw a couple I could definitely work on! Self evaluating? Yes ma'am!

  2. Miss Liz you are BEAUTIFUL!!! Such a great example, and i miss you terribly. Tell me if your ever in Rexburg:) We need to do lunch

  3. Love this so much. This is perfect!!!

  4. What a nice post! :) Thanks!

  5. Ah sometimes it is so hard to say Thank You to compliments! I just feel awkward sometimes when people say nice things to me! Is that weird??

    Anyway, thanks for this awesome post! You are just so adorable and I love reading your blog :)

    You are an inspiration to college/high school/grown-up girls everywhere! :)

  6. My only question is ... why were you going to class during Spring Break, girl? :)

  7. I love this post so much. Spot on! And such great advice for anyone. I love #4 especially. As a fellow tall girl, I understand how sometimes it can make you quite self-conscious (especially when all the cute guys seem to be 5 inches shorter than you) but it's true, we should completely own it! Heck all the fashion models are tall and everyone considers them as "the thing" so we should happy that we got it too! :)
    My favorite one out of these though is number 5 definitely. So so so so true, this always makes me feel so much better and it makes them feel better too so it's like a double whammy! (Did I really just say double whammy? haha point is, you were SPOT ON with this post.)

  8. I dig this. I think my self esteem took a turn for the better when I stopped caring what other people thought....not in like a "I can be mean and forget you all" kind of way, but in just a "it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about my outfit, etc." You speak wisdom.

  9. I came back here hoping to see a response to my question and instead, I find that you just deleted it completely. I find that rather sad. Do you only want people to agree with you and fawn over you? Is any question about what you've said taken as wrong? Real self esteem means being secure enough in who you are that you can accept questions without needing to suppress them. It doesn't mean that everyone is going to think whatever you say is wonderful. I think a lot of what is in this post is a good start, but there should be more to it than just appearance and outward beauty. That should be secondary to who you really are as a person. I'm disappointed in your reaction to a simple question and I don't think I'll read your blog anymore.

    1. Hi Curious!

      I'm sorry that I didn't respond to your question. I must not have read your comment carefully. I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you feel like I didn't look at your comment and take your advice. However, what I was trying to say here is that these "steps" aren't to help you have outward beauty. There's not much we can do about our physical appearance, but we have complete control over HOW we view ourselves inwardly. These steps have helped me feel better about myself inwardly. That's what I was going for here. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me: geekid2@gmail.com. I'd be happy to reassure you about your concerns. Thanks for reading while you did! I really appreciate it!

    2. Also, I want to add that the reason I deleted your comment is because I felt like it wasn't conducive to the attitude that I am trying to exude on my blog. This is a forum for positive, happy, and beautiful things to be said and heard and I felt like your comment was rather negative. Although, you are right in the sense that I should have responded to your comment. That was bad manners on my part and I apologize. And like I said, if you would like to discuss concerns with me, feel free to e-mail me. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have!