Belated Sunday Style...Oops?

Guys. I fail at blogging. I was totally going to post this on Sunday and link-up to Jenny's Sunday Style, but I failed so miserably. 
Finals week, school, work, and moving out has all started to catch up to me. 
But at least I find time to buy cute dresses and take outfit photos!

 Makeup credit goes to my sensational roommate, Naomi. She's a keeper.
(Dress: Dillard's, Watch: Gift, Necklace: DownEast, Shoes: Payless)


  1. Ahh!! I love the dress. And you. But seriously, that dress is so darling and so springy :)

  2. Bah! I wish my roommates could take amazing pictures like that! Your outfit is the sweetest! Good luck with the rest of your finals. :)

  3. Geez, where do I sign up to get a roommate that will do my makeup? *sigh* All I've got is a dog who chases her own tail, needless to say she's not handy with the eye shadow.

  4. Oh, that makeup is fantastic! I need to learn makeup things. Especially eye shadow. I'm just like....um, some pink...or...light purple....haha

  5. Nice blog! :) Thanks for posting this. By the way, maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC?

    Please leave me a comment on my blog and I will follow you!