Head Scarves are THE BOMB!

 When I first got this bad boy from Tania's Etsy shop EcoShag, I was a little frightened. 
Mostly because I was jumping outside of my comfort zone and trying a HEAD SCARF.
Guys, I'm from Idaho. Idahoans don't wear head scarves...but I digress...
I looked and looked and looked for a good tutorial, but didn't really find one.

So alas, I came up with my own.
Is the bow too much?
Oh well. I think it's dashing.

Go check out Tania's shop! She has the most adorable scarves EVER! 
And not just head scarves! Infinity scarves too!


  1. I'm also a huge fan of head scarves. I have some Israeli tichels and I love how versatile and beautiful they are. The dutch crown is my favorite style, but bun and ponytail styles come in a close second and third. If you want to see more headwrap tutorials I love the simple ones on this site: http://www.tznius.com/cgi-bin/tying.pl

  2. I think the bow is ADORABLE. :)

  3. Looove this! That sweater is absolutely awesome, Im always a fan of subtle sparkel thrown in to any outfit ;)


  4. sooooOOOO cute! you've done well.