10 Things That Make Me Happy


There is no doubt that when I'm feeling sad or disappointed that my friends can make me laugh, give me a shoulder to cry on, and let me be myself completely.
I love every single one of the amazing girls & guys in my life that have inspired me to become greater.

One Direction
One Direction is my very favorite boy band ever! Even they are like 5 years younger than me...
Shout-out to my home boys!

Running is super duper hard for me, but it's one of the most rewarding things in my life.
There are days when I feel an intense need to go run 3 miles and it completely de-stresses me and makes me feel better about myself in the process!

Shopping & Perfume
Cause please, who DOESN'T love getting new clothes and smelling like Paris in the springtime?! Am I right?

Writing Missionaries Slash Happy Mail
I absolutely love writing missionaries and getting letters in return! It makes me feel so connected to the gospel and I love seeing how those missionary's testimonies grow!

Curled Hair & Popsicles
Now that I have an ombre, I LOVE curling my hair because it shows off the different colors in my hair and it makes me feel super pretty and girly!
Also, popsicles. Need I say more?

Reading My Scriptures
This is the best part of my day. Lately, I've felt so close to Lord because I read my scriptures. I get even more out of them now that I understand the stories. It's incredible!

I love, love, love stuffing my face with food and it makes me happier than a clam.

If it's Colorful, It Makes Me Happy

Taking Drives
I especially love taking drives in Logan! There are so many cute places, houses, and things to explore!


  1. Happier than a clam! hahah!! I love that!! :D
    Great list! :D

  2. I love your hair! :D Oh, and One Direction! they are (on average) four years older than me. but that's okay, right? 'cause I've always been attracted to guys who are like 4 years older than me. ;)

    1. psst! thanks for following my blog! :)