It's Summertime, Baby!

 (Skirt: ModestPop, Shoes: Payless, Shirt: Maurices, Cardigan: Forever 21, Watch: Gift)

Now that it's summertime, I FINALLY have to time to blog and take outfit photos!
This park is a block away from my apartment and it is just the CUTEST!!
All the trees and shade and cute flowers.
Gosh. I die.

The other day some friends & I decided to tie some rope to the end of a bike and roller blade behind the bike in this park.
Let me tell ya, I was scared out of my mind.
The roller blades didn't fit my feet and I would get going really fast and almost face plant it.
But it was the funnest thing I have ever done!!
I'm ready for some more summer adventures!!


  1. I haven't been roller blading in so long, I would also be nervous about falling down1 You sure have to love summer and extra free time for blogging! :)

  2. You are too cute :) Love the outfit :)

  3. THANK GOODNESS for the weather. Cute skirt cute skirt & I sent you an evite but nobody has been getting them. So if you didn't get the blogger meetup thing, please email me!!

  4. I love how you combined different patterns in this outfit! Way cute!