It's Weird, Ya Know?

I called my mom up yesterday to talk to her.
And it was weird.
It was weird because she didn't lecture me about not eating at Chick-Fil-A or stress about how I was doing.
We just talked...

I know, I know. For you, I'm sure you have this awe-inspiring, wonderful relationship with your mother, but I definitely did not while I was growing up.
Don't get me wrong, my mother is the most talented, hard-working, spiritual woman I have ever met in my life and I know without a shadow of a doubt that she would do anything for me and I love her so so much!
But we haven't always had a great relationship.
So, when I decided to call her and talk to her about a grown-up situation, I expected the usual.
But it didn't end up that way and I loved every second of talking to my mom yesterday.

It's weird, ya know?
Weird that as I grow and progress and become a better person, I see things clearer.
I completely understand why my parents nagged me and said the same things over and over.
It was to help me grow.

It was to help me pull myself out of my own little world and see that I was the problem, not anybody else. And that if I wanted to feel better, I had to do something about it instead of blaming everybody else.

It's weird, ya know?
That as I've gotten older, I've become more sensible and logical.
Which for me, I NEVER EVER thought would happen.
I've been in a couple of different situations where I look at whomever I'm with and I think "Well, that doesn't make sense. Why would you do that?"
My mind has begun to proceed my heart (which can be good and bad) but for now, that's really good.

It's weird, ya know?
Because I've found that the less I stress about dating, the more fun I have. 
The more willing I am to go on a night hike or roller blade behind a bike holding onto a rope.
The more willing I am to be myself and not worry that I'm not being funny enough or pretty enough or girly enough.

It's weird, ya know?
That even though I won't be making butt loads of money this summer, that I'm still pretty happy.
I know that if I work hard and take all the hours I can get, I'll be okay. 
That if I put my faith and trust in the Lord, He will provide a way.

It's just weird, ya know? 


  1. Elisabeth I LOVE THIS. You are so beautiful! I've always had a pretty good relationship with my mama but at the same time, I never knew why she would lecture me on things. It bothered me. And I hated that she did it. but now, Everything makes sense. I'm so happy that you have a good relationship with your mom. The wiser you get, the more you realize it was all just because she cared. Except, no doubt, we all have our differences. Love ya long time!


  2. what great realizations!! and wonderful things you are learning!