I blog FOR ME and to meet AMAZING bloggers

I used to have this tagline for my blog that said "I'm just a girl. This is just my story."

And that's EXACTLY what this blog is for.
To tell my story.
And to meet amazing people!

I don't care how many followers I have. I don't care if I'm advertising a whole bunch.
I don't care if the only person that reads this is my mom. 

Because what this blog is for...IS FOR ME.
I blog stalk myself regularly. 
Just to look back and say "hey, look how far you've come!"
It's way for me to track my progress. To realize that I have amazing people in my life and I've MET amazing people in my life BECAUSE of blogging.

Thanks girls for the FABULOUS time! You are all adorable and I can't wait to get to know you better! :)


  1. These are all utah bloggers? Like, I don't even recognize half of them I need to do some serious stalking!!

  2. Love This! and I completely agree! I actually had someone ask why I did it even though I only have like 16 followers. Your reasons are the exact reasons I used! Can't wait to meet some Nebraska bloggers! Haven't been successful yet :(


  3. Girl you are awesome! Love this and loved meeting you :) TALL GIRLS UNITE!

  4. BOO. When was this? Why was I not invited?! :(

  5. Haha, "I blog stalk myself regularly" me too girl, me too!

  6. Great post - I look forward to meeting new people through my blog too! I enjoyed reading this! :)

  7. Oh my gosh girl! I blogstalk myself constantly! Haha! I always read stuff and think, " Oh yeah! I forgot about that!" It's fun.. And I'm grateful for this reminder.. It's true ..Blogging is for me! I enjoy it.. Even if no one else does.. I don't care..



    Janette Lane Blog

  8. It was so good to meet you. You are honestly one of the most genuine girl's I have ever met. I look forward to getting to know you & I was just super super excited to see you in Idaho & be good friends. Because I know we will be. Love you! And I also love your motives for blogging.


  9. you're the cutest :) it was lovely to meet you!

  10. I really enjoyed meeting you last week, Elisabeth! You're hilarious. I'm not tall, though I wish I were sometimes. Oh well, that's what heels are for! I'm glad I wore a pretty tall pair when we were all together, haha.

    I'm toats following ya now. XO!

  11. You're awesome. I'm so sorry I couldn't make it! We went to visit family that weekend. For sure invite me to the next meetup! :)