Making the Effort

Person 1: "We need to hang out sometime!"
Person 2: "Yeah, we do! Text me sometime!"

Does Person 1 ever hang out with Person 2?
There could be many reasons why this won't happen.
Maybe Person 1 is a girl who's totally obsessed with Person 2 because he's a cute boy. And cute boy just isn't interested. 
Or maybe Person 1 is an acquaintance of Person 2 and so to be nice Person 2 agrees heartily to avoid what they were actually thinking which is "I will never see them again".

Now, this conversation isn't necessarily a bad one. 
In fact, I have this conversation A LOT.
But what I'm getting at here is what happens when Person 1 actually DOES text Person 2?

I have a lot of friends.
Some closer than others.
But when my friends make an effort to hang out with me, it just feels good.

For example: Last night, I was texting my outstanding friend, Naomi.
(photo cred: Kaycie @ Red Head Memories)

She lives in Salt Lake but she suggested that she needed to come see me.
The conversation started with the whole "we need to hang out" scenario.
And I figured I'd have to initiate something so that it would be possible for us to get together.
But right after this Naomi said "So is July 12 okay?"

I couldn't have been happier in my whole life.
Not just because I will finally be reunited with one of the greatest girls on earth, but because Naomi was MAKING AN EFFORT to stay friends with me.

She was taking time out of her schedule and wanted to spend time with me. And in turn, I wanted to spend time with her.
And that is so special! It makes me feel wanted and loved.

Another example is my girl, Sadie.
We are currently in a long-distance friendship.
She lives in Rexburg and I live in Logan.
A good 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive.

Luckily, I go home quite often and whenever I go home, I always call or text Sadie.
No matter how long I'm going to be there or what I'm doing. Sadie is one of the first people I call.
Because I love her and want to be friends with her. So I make an effort to stay friends with her and in turn she texts me things like:

"Well, I'm done with class at 5 pm and then I have visiting teaching at 7:30 and I need to study for a test tomorrow, but I can make time for you!!"

Now if that doesn't make me feel loved, I don't know what would!


  1. Good for you! I have a lot of problems with the opposite reaction. I make the effort, and the other person(s) haven't been making an effort on their part. I try to focus on my real friends that do try and match the effort, but being let down is never a good feeling.

  2. Oh my, this seriously is the greatest feeling! I haven't been super good about the whole "coming up to Logan" thing, mostly because my bro just left on the mish, so all my time was mainly focused and spent being with him. But, I hope that soon I will be able to figure out a weekend to come up!
    Anyways, I just love this post and the honesty about it!
    Love ya girl!

  3. You are awesome! This is something I really need to work on ;) It's definitely worth it to make the effort though!

  4. Great post - this is so true and I have so many conversations like this. :)