Oh I'm Happy Alright!

Life is just so happy right now!

--I had two snocones in one day.

--My job is super awesome and I have the greatest boss and coworkers!

--I get to see my family on Sunday and I get to hold my sweet new baby cousin! I'm beyond excited!

--A cute boy texted me yesterday. And that never happens, so I feel the need to document that.

--I have a pile of money sitting on my bed because I need to pay tithing. And strangely, I like paying tithing.

--I bought a really adorable polka dot dress on Saturday, so I wore it on Sunday and then I loved it so much, I'm wearing it again today #noshame

--This video:

I bawled for the whole 4 minutes. It was that amazing.

--I'm also reading Heaven Is Here by Stephanie Nielsen and it's completely sensational. If you haven't read it yet, go read it!

--It's so hot, so I just let my hair air dry and it's THE BOMB :)

So that's why I'm happy.
Why are YOU happy?


  1. LOVE this post, Beth!! Goodness, it's been ages since I've commented, I think!

    I'm happy because...

    Husband and I FINALLY have our own apartment!!
    I have the best job - best boss and co-workers! ;)
    My hair is growing out!
    My kitchen is getting organized!
    Sleeping on our new sofa bed didn't kill me!

    Love YOU, Beth!! :)

  2. You are so cute! I love that you are so happy or at least that's how I feel whenever you post on any social media!! Thanks for being a great example!!

  3. Cute boy texts and cute new dresses, great reasons to be happy! :)

  4. I'm happy because:
    I have lasted my first week of my bro being gone on the mish
    Day #2 of waking up to go running, and I feel great!
    I went to the temple today
    I get to go to the Oakley Rodeo with all my cousins tonight!

    Um, lucky girl for getting cute boy texts! You deserve it! :)

  5. hahah two snocones in 1 day?! you go girl! haha and a text from a cute boy is DEFINITELY worth blogging!!

  6. I bawled during that whole thing too. And I'm all for wearing the same dress four or five times in a week, just as long as you're seeing different people! :-)

  7. I was thinking about read that book, I know it will be great!!
    Your blog is PRETTY {for.real} keep bloggin' girl! (:

  8. That video definitely made me bawl--though not for the whole four minutes :). I've heard the couple are actors and I don't care b/c like my mom said (when I passed it on to her), if they can get such a beautiful point across JUST by acting, then real life has to be even more adorable. So thanks for sharing it!