What High Schoolers Need To Know About College

When I was in high school, I couldn't wait to get to college. I thought that once I was in college, life would magically get better and boys would be bowing at my feet for chance to date me. Hysterically, this was not the case. And while college is pretty great, there a lot of things that high schoolers should know about college:

At some point, you will get HOMESICK!
Not homesick as in missing your family (although I do get that kind of homesick). I'm talking about the "oh, I haven't had a decent meal in a month" and "oh, ibuprofen doesn't just magically appear in the medicine cabinet?" kind of homesick...
Mostly, you'll just realize that you're mom is totally awesome.

 I seriously got the worst advice about college boys while I was in high school. Everybody told me that college boys are different and they'll actually want to date and...blah blah blah. NO! Don't set your expectations too high. While I have indeed met some awesome boys in college, let's just say boys will be boys no matter if they're 16 or 23.

I think I stayed up until 2 in the morning every day for the first two weeks of college and then I hit an all time low. It's so cool until you can barely stay awake in class and three hour naps become a daily habit. Go to bed at a decent hour and you won't learn the lesson the hard way.

And what I mean by this is...being a grown-up is hard. It's SOO fulfilling, but it's hard. Buying groceries is hard, making your own decisions is hard, dating is hard, being away from your family is hard. It's all pretty hard.

Yeah, yeah. College is hard. But there is nothing in the whole wide world I wish I could be doing right now. I absolutely love college because it's challenging. Because there is no other way to learn who you are and what your purpose in life is than by going to college. Going to college is where you feel like you can make a difference.


  1. Such a great post. College was similar for me in some ways! After staying up late playing guitar hero or running around campus for a bit, I realized it made me hate my life at my 8am class!

    p.s. I LOVE USU with all my heart. I went there my freshman year and it was DA BEST. And I can see you are eating Aggie Blue Mint. And I want it. Right now.

  2. ok, now i'm craving aggie blue mint. why is logan so far away? haha but really, this post is perfect. college is so different than i thought it would be when i was in high school, but it was a happy surprise! i was so so so homesick the first semester, but luckily i was dating a boy from my hometown who helped me through it. other than that, i LOVED college and still do!!! i wanna stay forever. love you, girl!

  3. My husband and I are Aggies starting next month!!! This post got me so excited to start school...again. it's all so true though. Well said, girl.

  4. Totally agree about the boys lining up. I was set up with some ridiculously high expectations about dating and boys going into college. Boys are awesome, but not the dating and chivalry machines I thought they'd be!

  5. Yes going from groceries magically appearing to never having food is the hardest part of growing up. Food is expensive and sometime you have to live off of tortillas and refried beans. Growing up is something I always looked forward to. Now I just want to be a kid again :) and I laughed at the part about college boys actually wanting to date...seriously guys are great but when it comes to asking girls out its not at all like in the movies. You have to beat it out of them to even know if your on a date or a "hangout" and even then it's a mystery. Then you suffer through awkward DTR's. When you find the ones worth dating its so much fun but you will need a treasure map and a butt load of patience. Good luck ;)