Being Beautiful

My Relief Society does this thing called Nice Notes. They pass out little post its and all the sisters get a chance to right to write anonymously to a girl in the ward and they stick the note in a box and it gets delivered to their apartment. It's adorable and totally my favorite thing ever.

One day when I was having a particularly hard day this summer, I got a "nice note" from a girl in my ward.
In big letters it said "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL".

Now, I get told I'm beautiful sometimes.
And a lot of times when people tell me I'm beautiful, my heart is happy for a little bit, I thank them, and then I move on.

But when that girl wrote that on the post-it note, I thought to myself do I really BELIEVE that I am beautiful?

Because...truth be told....I don't always believe that.

And then I thought to myself: if I actually believed that I was beautiful...how much better of a person would I be? How would my actions change to reflect that I actually believed that I was beautiful? 

I'm working on it...slowly. But one day I hope to able to say: I am truly, truly beautiful.


  1. well guess what? YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! and if i have to tell you every day until you believe it, i will :)

  2. You're so beautiful. Inside and out. And I love this post! It is truly a daily battle of who we believe, Satan or God. Have you heard the song "Beautiful to Me" by Mercy River? You should listen to it. It's my jam when I'm feeling worthless or ugly.

  3. I really like that notes project! And just yesterday we were helping take senior pictures for my cousin--she's one who I don't think really sees herself as beautiful, and I really hope that our little project and the lovely pictures that came out of it can help convince her!

  4. you ARE gorgeous! Love you! And also! I nominated you on my blog! Check it out! http://renderedlife.blogspot.com/2013/09/liebster-award.html

  5. The first time a boy told me I was beautiful, I thought he was just being nice. We were dating, and I still didn't get it. I think I have this hard-set mindset in my head that I attract boys with my personality...and then I'm like, "Wait this guy is attractive. And he likes me. Am I attractive? Do people wonder what he's doing with me?" It's bizarre how we think like this, so innately. This post is beautiful and so are you :)