I Lost My Glasses While Bridge Jumping On Monday So Now I'm Blind

That is the complete and honest truth. 
I jumped off the bridge twice and my glasses stayed perched on my nose.
I guess the third time was a doozy cause my glasses fell off my face and down to the bottom of the river.
I seriously felt like crying. Mostly because I'm TOTALLY blind and I knew this action wouldn't just affect me. It would totally affect my parents. 

So I called my dad. He told me it would be okay and to come home.
I went home and totally broke down bawling, but my dad didn't reprimand me. He just gave me a hug and gave me some different options. I tried his glasses, my mom's glasses, and then my older sister's contacts. Luckily, her contacts semi-worked. As in, I can see things up close, but I can't pick out details if something is far away. 

So that's where I'm at...starting my first day of school partially blind, feeling like I lost a piece of myself because I love my glasses and praying that I get new glasses on Wednesday.

In the meantime...I went to Brooklyn's wedding last week and it was BEAUTIFUL. Go give her some wedding loving :)


  1. zennioptical.com Seriously. Cheap, super awesome glasses. You just need your prescription and pupillary distance (should be given in optometrist report). It feels like a scam but isn't. Likewoah. I buy all my glasses from them.

  2. Oh no! Something happening to my glasses is always a fear. I can see decently, but I can't see well enough to drive legally without them. I always keep my old pairs to use as spares in case anything happens to my current pair. (of course, that's no use if your old pair got lost and that's the reason you had to get a new one!) :( Hope your new glasses come quickly!

  3. Awww shucks! That blows. I'm so sorry. I hope school went well anyway. And that you get new glasses pronto. Wishing you some loooove!

  4. It's the absolute worst when you can't see. I'm sorry about your glasses! I hope you get your new ones today! You and your friends look so pretty at Brooklyn's wedding.