Because We're Broken

People are struggling.
Everywhere we look and everywhere we turn.
Sometimes they're tangible, but a lot times people deal with silent battles.

I've learned a lot of things about people this week. No matter how strong you are, how faithful you are, how nice you are, or how much money you make, trials WILL ALWAYS HAPPEN. They don't go away. 

Multiple people who are close to me have showed me themselves. They've revealed to me their secret hurt...their aches and their struggles. 

And instead of being turned away at their imperfections, my heart fills with so much love.
So much love that I can't even begin to express it here because I know with all my heart and soul that those people are loved. That there is a reason they are going through hard things. Through their trials, I am able to learn how to love and see them the way Christ sees them. 

While it may be difficult, all I know is that...we have to continue being kind.
We have to continue being empathetic.
We have to continue serving.
We have to continue to be willing to love
We have to keep moving forward.

There's no easy way to get over trials, but more than anything...I'm grateful.
I'm grateful for trials because in my broken state, I am more willing to see the brokenness in others and through that brokenness, we bond as human beings. We become people who are empathetic towards each other. We build each other up. We find ways to serve. And ultimately, we find Christ. 

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  1. So very very true.
    Wonderfully written, Elisabeth.