Elise Is My Hero

I often wonder about people.
I wonder what they're thinking.
I wonder how they're feeling.
I wonder what types of things make them happy, sad, excited, etc..
It's weird, I know.
I'm definitely one of those creepy people-watchers.
I just think it's so interesting to look at people and try to figure out what's going through their mind.
(This often causes me some frustration and anger. Especially if I'm trying to figure out what's going through a cute boy's mind)
Nonetheless, a couple days ago, I was reading Miss Elise's blog and she blogged about self-esteem.
Her post really hit me hard.
Elise is one of those people that has become my own definition of a hero. She's such a great example to me of the type of woman I want to grow up to be: kind, friendly, beautiful, hilarious, intelligent, and the list goes on. Her post was filled with complete and utter emotion. 
This is what she said:
I'm a people-pleaser, with oldest child syndrome, and a potentially unhealthy need to appear perfect to everyone around me. When I feel like I mess up, or someone is disappointed in me, it eats at me.
It made me realize that how human she is. As am I. 
Just like Elise, I am often plagued about self-esteem.
I've never been skinny and will never be skinny. That's just how my body is built. 
I'm also tall. Taller than most boys, actually, and that makes me extremely uncomfortable.
So uncomfortable in fact that I get physically sick.
I shut down and wallow in self-pity because I will never be the cute, little girl that men want.
However, as I've realized that I can't do anything about my height, I've realized that I can either let it deeply affect me for the rest of my life or I can embrace it. 
I chose to embrace it.
And Elise has helped me do that.
Elise is taller than me and she wears heels!! If that's not embracing your divine nature I don't know what is!
She is my hero in every sense of the word.
Thanks, Elise. I love you!!


  1. yay for tall girls represent! i love elise too, and you yourself missy are a rockstar!

  2. Elise really is amazing!! :] Her post on self-esteem was AWESOME! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it! I love them!

  3. WORK THOSE HEELS GIRL!!!!!!!!! you rock!!!
    And any guy who doesn't see...so not worth it

    Also...if you ever feel like moving to MO, I have the perfect tall guy for you ;)

    1. Oh. I've definitely been thinking about it. ;) Ha! AND I'm now I'm thinking about it more since you mentioned a tall guy! lol :) jk Thanks, Steph! :) :)

  4. Soooo delayed reaction, but I already explained. Ha.

    Seriously, you're the bomb. And I can't believe you dedicated a blog post to me. Really though, you are beautiful and wonderful and perfect just as who you are. You rock those heels because guess what... you have to rock them now just in case you marry someone shorter. :D

  5. I love this! And I loved Elise's post back when! ;) It's funny, 'cause sometimes I wish mightily that I was taller, not so stinkin' skinny, and that I looked older, because that's what it seems like guys want in girls. We're all different though. Even the guys out there are. We're all perfect and imperfect in our own little ways, and eventually, we'll find the guy that fits us perfectly and imperfectly. :)

    Thanks, Elisabeth! :)
    (can I call you "'Lis"? :))