Stuff You Totally Want To Know About Me

Alrighty, I've conformed. :)
Here's 11 Random Facts that I know you totally wanted to know about me:

Fact #1: I can't wear socks when I sleep. 

Fact #2: Going through a car wash makes me absolutely giddy.

Fact #3: I have yet to encounter something slash someone that I'm allergic to.

Fact #4: I would much rather be cold than hot. 
Hence why I've lived in Idaho and Utah my whole life.
snow is lovely.

Fact #5: Speaking of snow...I only really like snow after it has already fallen.
The actual snowing process is just annoying.

Fact #6: I'm an avid believer of Cinderella.

Fact #7: I LOVE crunchy peanut butter.

Fact #8: I'm 5'10".

Fact #9: I've never been kissed.

Fact #10: Persuasion by Jane Austen is my favorite book & movie.

Fact #11: I paint my nails on a weekly basis.


  1. I can't believe you like snow! Maybe you should live in WI haha, that way we can be close and hangout :)

    I can not sleep with socks either, is that weird?

    Save that first kiss for someone super special!

  2. I agree with Lisa about saving the first kiss for someone special...take it from a girl who waited...it made it much more special!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE Persausion!!!!!!! Wentworth makes me positively giddy ;)
    I hate being cold...but I agree its easier to deal with than being hot...there is only so much you can take off hahaha

  3. I love this! :] I totally agree with you on most of these! Especially numbers 1 through 5! So fun! I haven't been through a car wash in so long and now I want to go really bad! Haha.

  4. Liz. so you know how we talked about #9 when we had Kiwi Loco. Well it isn't true for me anymore. We must talk when I get off track:)