I watch guilty pleasures like Dating Rules for My Future Self. I wish my future self would text me and tell me what I was doing wrong in my relations with the opposite sex.  

I'm glad it's cold outside because then I get to pretend to smoke. (Come on, everyone's done it.)

I wish I could just pay someone good money to make food for me. I love eating food, but I hate cooking it.  

I feel like a 5 year-old when I pick out my outfit in the morning. If it's a good one, I get all giddy inside.

I feel like it's one of the world's great injustices when I put medicating lip balm on my lips and it doesn't work. My lips still happen to be chappy and bleedy.

I write a blog post and realize that sometimes I'm really not that funny.

I feel inspired to be a better person when Elise, Nichelle, and I gave a Shine Card to our waitress at IHOP. She was waitressing on Free Pancake night...bless her heart. 

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