I'm LIVING a Happily Ever After

I worry.

A lot.

And about everything.

In the words of Elise: "I could probably out worry a mother with 5 teenage boys"
Well...at least it feels that way.

As I was worrying and worrying this morning, my thoughts started shifting to all the blessings I have received.
And once I started thinking about that...I realized something incredibly monumental:


I'm going to college and working on a major I LOVE.

I have parents who support me and give me money when I need it and don't expect me to pay them back because they WANT to help me. And as they're daughter, I'll take care of them when they're old. It's a win-win situation!

I have a bed to sleep in and cute clothes to wear.

I have a blog where I can express feelings like this.

I have incredible friends who love me and understand me and make me laugh.

I have a car that transports me to work and let's me take lovely Sunday drives.

I was born into a family who believes in the gospel of Jesus Christ and has taught me those important values and truths.

I'm pretty darn lucky....because I'm living a happily ever after.


  1. Ah Love this! It is always good to remember the things that we DO have and be surprised by how many things there are on the list! :)

  2. This is such a great post :D I think a lot of people forget just how lucky they really are! I know I forget at times...

    xoxo, Lizzy

  3. Love this! We are so lucky for the things we have sometimes we get caught up in what we want and forget about that :) I'm guilty if that!


  4. love this. so important to remember every so often :)

  5. I'm glad you're being grateful for all the wonderful things you have. Way to keep such a bright and positive attitude! You're an inspiration to all of us!

  6. What a great post! I have to step back and see how blessed I am sometimes. Daily stresses seem a little less important when I realize all the love and joys I have in my life.

  7. Love you Lady! You are beautiful, and it is always good to be reminded that we live quite charmed lives. Thanks for the great post!