My Ultimate Impulse Buy: DRESSES

DRESSES: my ultimate impulse purchase. 
Seriously. It's like kryptonite! When I see a new dress, I just HAVE to buy it. 
Especially if it's from Eshakti cause they make custom dresses. Which means my dresses are long enough for my 5'10" frame. HOLLA for that!

But what about impulse buying? 
Why do we do it?
Raise lets you buy and sell unused gift cards for a reasonable prices. In their article, they discuss the different types of sales and why we think we're getting a good price when we're splurging. 
As I was reading it, I thought: yes. this is totally me!

I often impulse buy because I think I'm getting a good price, when in reality I'm not.
It's just that....dresses are so so tempting! Am I right?
What's your ultimate impulse buy?


  1. Whaaat?? Custom dresses for tall girls?? I'm totally checking it out! Thanks for sharing. Love the red shoes by the way. They complete your outfit :)

  2. What a great dress! I'd view that more as an investment and less as an impulse buy.

  3. Skirts and things with stripes. Right now I have 18 skirts.

  4. I work at Hobby Lobby; I see people impulse-buy all the time, cuz our sales are designed to encourage them to do so... For example, candle holders and candles never go on sale at the same time. So either you buy one full price, or you end up making a second trip the next week. It's kinda funny to watch people :)

    Working this job has taught me to watch the sales and coupons a store puts out - oftentimes, there's a cycle, and oftentimes, a better deal might come around next week :)

    <3 Marie-Rose

  5. I just bought a dress at New York and Co. It's pink. And has flowers. I don't wear pink, or flowers. We're going to see how it goes over at church this week. My broha also picked it out and said it looks really good. It'll be my "break-up and on the lookout" dress. haha!