Kickball Girl

A couple nights ago, I was having pillow talk with my crazy amazing roommate Lacey. Whom I love dearly.
While we were talking, she told me about the first time she met me. "I called you the kickball girl," she said.

Before we were roommates, we had actually met at a kickball game two years ago. I remembered the kickball game, but I didn't remember her. I felt so bad too! 

She told me that I had said something funny and she thought "Yeah, I like this girl." 
Isn't that so crazy?! And awesome?! Like...she's SOO cool to remember that! You seriously never know the kind of impression you're going to make on people!
Then we started talking about the people we see every day that we don't actually know, but who have made an impression on us, so we notice them.

I have a ton of people like that in my life and they don't even know it! But all I know is that I'm so glad I was the "kickball girl" over two years ago because this girl has changed my life for the better.

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  1. Elisabeth! You are awesome! Have a grand day!